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  • DoubleTapThatDotty

    Yes vikk. Us gym rats do raw dog out pre-work out

  • Ye Ma
    Ye Ma

    Has Ethan really gave himself waves?😂😂😂

  • Emily-120

    They weighed themselves with the camera in their hands 🙄😂

  • Fortnite is trash
    Fortnite is trash

    Dunno if it is just me but I prefer the 1hr long videos

  • Marko Flash
    Marko Flash

    Randy looking like Shifthy

  • Boston Sharkey
    Boston Sharkey

    Yo I’m going go ape on Thursday as well 😂😂

  • Kìãrã_ Nights
    Kìãrã_ Nights


  • paprikakris

    callux migt be the worst keeper(no hate tho love him❤❤❤)

  • Blicky Fan
    Blicky Fan

    The seemly curtain ostensibly whip because description whitely continue amidst a premium tuesday. paltry, faded day

  • Nico Goon
    Nico Goon

    i love how tobi said he didn’t even want to go on that jungle gym thing but he was making it look easy and fun

  • AcidBeats 17
    AcidBeats 17

    can i get a pictar

  • Nicky Irwin
    Nicky Irwin

    So they photoshopped Ethan to be fat but just took a normal picture of JJ for the thumbnail

    • waynicliz

      that was edited g

  • Verx 123
    Verx 123

    In ur dreams

  • Lowy

    18:00 that’s the jumpman logo

  • johns banana
    johns banana

    damn i want pizza now 🥲

  • LilSnod

    now i feel bad for eating an entire pizza on my own while watching this...

  • Roaring Razor96
    Roaring Razor96

    Josh Vs. JJ sparring needed! My prediction is Big Josher by 1st round KO!

  • connor cranfield
    connor cranfield

    Make the videos longer they was better at 1 hour

  • AJ Wagner
    AJ Wagner

    Who knew josh and Vic were the funniest duo

  • Miz Bk
    Miz Bk

    ONLY 29 MINS, WHATS GOING ON!!!!!!!!



  • Riotz

    Who else saw jj screeming on some go ape workers TikTok

  • Q8 Gaming
    Q8 Gaming

    when jj screamed he hit those old ksi notes

  • J Steeler
    J Steeler

    The spotter at the gym was the same person as the guy from the strength test was it just me who noticed that.

  • Emily Challinor
    Emily Challinor

    I was doing go ape a few days ago and thought if the sidemen did this it would be sick 😂

  • Sameer_RA4

    20:26 props to the camera man he did it without fear unlike Harry,JJ and Tobi 😂😂

  • Alexandre

    Ay the vid is back it was put on private

  • rip to da lion tundae killed him
    rip to da lion tundae killed him

    There is no difference in the thumbnail

  • 1Analiese

    We all enjoy longer videos but this was ok

  • Daniel Sturgeon
    Daniel Sturgeon

    someone leaked the go ape on tik tok

  • Ahmed Nizar
    Ahmed Nizar

    17:59 Jordan logo

  • Mikey B
    Mikey B

    What a dead video

  • Justin White
    Justin White

    Randy be looking like lickylicky the Pokémon

  • Blame Kira
    Blame Kira

    How is simon 79kg???

  • Sam Miles
    Sam Miles

    Petition to get the sidemen to start uploading over hour videos again

  • MossyEYE C
    MossyEYE C

    I just ate two cheeseburgers and a bag of cheddar popcorn. And cookies All in the same sitting

  • Mohammad Sajad Hossainpoor Bodaskolan 7C
    Mohammad Sajad Hossainpoor Bodaskolan 7C

    jj so fett

  • Jack Barra
    Jack Barra

    4 weetbix nah get outta here only champing if u downing 6 in the morning and 4 for desert

  • Rakudo

    About time just lost some

  • Balvir


  • George Markham
    George Markham

    Cal the Dragon vs Behzinga

  • Morag Atwell
    Morag Atwell

    Did vik just call it weetabix VIK it’s weetbix

  • Henry Mason
    Henry Mason

    Hi doing the splits though lol 😂

  • Albert Paladino
    Albert Paladino

    Glad to see there not wearing masks whenever possible

  • Blicky Fan
    Blicky Fan

    The labored berry osmotically itch because statement oppositely promise from a subdued french. fuzzy , hungry gearshift

  • Basu Games
    Basu Games

    watching this video on the toilet hits different



  • Hadi B
    Hadi B

    Anyone else realise how the videos are getting shorter tbh I prefer the 45+ min videos

  • Barrett Cross
    Barrett Cross

    Harry is wearing a faze clan shirt LOL

  • Bro Ski
    Bro Ski

    Zerka chasing an Asian man through the streets of London bit sus😂😂

  • Justy

    Fact: This video would have been an hour long if Ethan didn't hurt his toe

  • Rhys C-T
    Rhys C-T

    Ethan I’m sorry but that was more than 50 grams of cookie crisp because u still have the spoon in, eeeeeedyat

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C

    19:14 I'm dieing I'm dieing intense screaming

  • Davi Ortiz
    Davi Ortiz

    The black bit on ethans toe looked like a bit of burnt pizza

  • Pooby

    “Does anyone else do this with their preworkout?” Literally just dry scoops lol

  • Wes S.
    Wes S.

    Sidmen need to do an adrenaline video... skydiving, bungee jumping, super car racing, hot air ballooing etc would be sick 👌

  • Official Tee One
    Official Tee One

    13:43, can someone plz get Vik some help

  • Ben Bateer
    Ben Bateer

    Harry looking like Ronaldo with the one touch

  • Tyler Corbett
    Tyler Corbett

    Poor to I his nose was the main hit

  • daniel hardy
    daniel hardy

    Vikstar scoring more goals than forests top goalscorer 👍

  • Crucial Bigmac
    Crucial Bigmac

    We need a video just on a 7v7 match pls

  • Mohanad Shehata
    Mohanad Shehata

    19:39 jj: "Ahhh atagfurallah" Me: "Yes brother jj, yes"

  • Saketh Moturi
    Saketh Moturi

    15:15- why is talia there.


      To film it.....

  • Freddie Thompson
    Freddie Thompson

    ksi was wearing a hairdressers cover thing the whole time 😂

  • SovietDelGaming

    Vikk reminds me of a young, Indian Richard Hammond

  • ronnie sarker
    ronnie sarker

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that vik scored an hat-trick 😂😂?

  • A D
    A D

    Who else was wondering why the Sidemen had a warning at the start of the vid when they didn't have one for any of their other weight loss/gain challenges?

  • LKT

    Need to do start 12 hours for these challenges

  • Marko Flash
    Marko Flash

    Jj prepared for this video for 8 months

  • Khbcrhnj Hajsjdj
    Khbcrhnj Hajsjdj

    15:14 Simon definitely got some inappropriate things done to him that day


      Grow up

  • Jacob Clough
    Jacob Clough

    I feel sorry for Ethan

  • Connor Price
    Connor Price

    Who saw the Tik Tok video before this one

  • MAKOIA Jackson
    MAKOIA Jackson

    vik and josh ruin it how embarrasing

  • Hani Rachid
    Hani Rachid

    19:38 is jj Muslim ?

  • Vincent Meyer
    Vincent Meyer

    I love how vikk thinks it’s unconvetional and unusual to dry scoop pw🤣

  • Lahore se Uk
    Lahore se Uk

    19:40 ASTAGFARULLAH????

  • Gorilla Phoenix
    Gorilla Phoenix

    6 hours?

  • Parth Patel
    Parth Patel

    Please can anyone tell me which place JJ , Harry and Tobi went for thier adventure thing in second half of the video?

  • AwesomeWafflesKid

    What's the difference between Simon and JJ? Simon has a beard, JJ can't grow one.

  • Leighton Treharne
    Leighton Treharne

    i love how vik is looking into the camera in the back for most of the video so he just looks so lost on the front camera