The Sidemen take on the task of becoming parents for the day, Who do you think will be the best parent out of the Sidemen?
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  • Salman Alathel
    Salman Alathel

    Now I get why Harry is like how he is but he shouldn’t do what his parents did to him

  • Holly

    Up until his breaking point, JJ was the sweetest parent 💕😂 Harry on the other hand, I would NEVER trust with a baby. Real or not.

  • Savannah Perez
    Savannah Perez

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  • Alyx Subaru
    Alyx Subaru

    Burger King hat white male i think we know we’re this is going

  • Brittany Britr
    Brittany Britr

    Tobi & jj best by far

  • DarkRaven301

    Harry u are one evil man

  • Loïc Petit
    Loïc Petit

    one of the best videos on youtube

  • Finn Nash
    Finn Nash

    But I think Harry and Ethan did kill the baby

  • hugo wahlström
    hugo wahlström

    Harry is litteraly tourtureing the baby

  • Sid Tom
    Sid Tom

    So this is why Josh and Freya still aren’t married! 👼🏼 -> 💀

  • Baran Cicek
    Baran Cicek

    Harry is gonna be a great father

  • Sid Tom
    Sid Tom

    Legit, JJ would probably be the best dad ever!

  • Luke

    omg, harry is actually the worst parent ever

  • 21 LORENZO Christian Gabriel
    21 LORENZO Christian Gabriel

    ethan's logic : they arent real babies a min l8r they are real babies

  • MrSam

    29:53 i think about this clip many times.

  • Minty Elf
    Minty Elf

    JJ is taking care of the baby like it’s his own

  • Eli Moroney
    Eli Moroney


  • Eli Moroney
    Eli Moroney


  • bajaj vardaan
    bajaj vardaan

    Plot twist : harry was so careless bcos the baby was black✨

  • Yod Yodhi
    Yod Yodhi

    Plot Twist: It’s a real baby

  • klever avila
    klever avila

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  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown

    Ethan: its a ARcodes in the making Baby stops crying Ethan: IT wants to be a ARcodes ITS A F ING BABY

  • Christian Cotto
    Christian Cotto

    Not the Burger King hat 😂😂

  • Brianna Barnes
    Brianna Barnes

    Tobi : I want my baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back my baby isn’t black isn’t black isn’t black isn’t black isn’t black 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Pixel

    It all starts with the Burger King crown... then they take a trip by plane

  • Jesus Franco
    Jesus Franco

    By far one of the funniest video I have ever seen ever in my life.

  • Layschips

    7:07 imagine he got them mixed up with another group with a baby

  • Damagamer YT
    Damagamer YT

    Wtf is this 34:11

  • Jaydon Rodriguez
    Jaydon Rodriguez

    Yo, Baby with a Burger King crown... the recent meme of the old guy on the airplane?????COINCIDENCE????????

  • Bee Pee Bee
    Bee Pee Bee

    13:47 Harry could've saved him from falling, but he pulled his hands away lmao

  • Ary G
    Ary G

    42:01 Burger King crown 😳

  • John Lloyd De Leon
    John Lloyd De Leon

    JJ is the best dad ever

  • Billy Smiles
    Billy Smiles

    The automatic begonia sporadically count because jeep suddenly occur on a old-fashioned buffet. disastrous, pale june

  • YoungDyl99

    This might the best sidemen video ever created

  • Royal_ SilenceNL
    Royal_ SilenceNL

    Jj would be great as a dad

  • un_ban5

    And that's how the apocalypse started

  • Gg S
    Gg S

    Are those real beybies

  • Yah

    Even tho it’s a doll. I’m feeling sorry for harry’s baby

  • Bunnymaster808 Sheep boy
    Bunnymaster808 Sheep boy

    I’ve just noticed ksi and tobi are the only one who cares about babies :)

  • Niharika Mishra
    Niharika Mishra

    42:49 okay season 3 Ross

  • Bobbah

    JJ is gonna be such a good and caring dad 🥰

  • Niharika Mishra
    Niharika Mishra

    18:25 jj saying omg she is perfect my baby 😂😂is such a real enactment of how parents behave

  • George Porritt
    George Porritt

    Simon vic and Toby let's go back in time its 3 men and a baby with Ted danson lmfao class lads all of yous

  • Niharika Mishra
    Niharika Mishra

    Can we see a part 2 please

  • Maryalice Libby
    Maryalice Libby

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  • Vadim Gadebski
    Vadim Gadebski

    What drugs did they take while naming the baby's

  • Lucas Gillard
    Lucas Gillard

    Ethan: disclaimer, these are NOT actual babies Also Ethan: they're an actual baby

  • Quinz_jevansjamm

    I would of stamped on its head

  • Graham O'Handley
    Graham O'Handley

    Watching back to this now I wish they made like a moresidemen video of just Harry and Ethans day taking care of the baby.

  • Hanad Dhiasow
    Hanad Dhiasow


  • Jo Public
    Jo Public

    That baby got better drip then me

  • Isaac

    13:14 BROOOO

  • TH358

    Simon just isn't funny

  • Lacie-Mae Byron
    Lacie-Mae Byron

    real title of this vid dont let harry become a dad

  • Ioan Roberts
    Ioan Roberts

    Best sidemen sunday

  • Julius Nordermeer
    Julius Nordermeer

    When they ask was i dropped as a baby?

  • Julius Nordermeer
    Julius Nordermeer

    Food: Nah Nike, Addidas: yo Thats Sick

  • Jack van de Water
    Jack van de Water


  • Charcoal2711

    Team with KSI: checks to see if baby is alive Team with Vik: checks to see if baby is alive Team with Harry: I don’t need to check if my baby is alive because I just play roughly

  • Charcoal2711

    Instead of it wants to be a youtuber he should say he wants to be a youtuber

  • Zexo Slayer
    Zexo Slayer

    When Harry took off the baby’s trousers he got hurt but he learnt how to do a backflip

  • Mamita Deka
    Mamita Deka

    This video should be titled "JJ, journey from a caring parent to a nonce"

  • BaldiLoveFight

    best 1h in my life

  • thecheesyfeet :3
    thecheesyfeet :3

    ive just watched grown men throw electronic baby dolls at the floor for one hour of my life and i loved every second of it

  • Elliot ydieR
    Elliot ydieR

    26:31 me waiting for my friend to answer the facetime call

  • JLP 1601
    JLP 1601

    The people in Nando’s must think that KSI and josh are maddddd 😂😂😂😂

  • semgito qutikjig
    semgito qutikjig

    The voracious look whitely juggle because grip rarely mine on a furry furtive lunge. hypnotic, good day

  • sed6

    Tobi is like the karen mother who says that she does everything around the house

  • Anonymous Unknown
    Anonymous Unknown

    Legends say dequnies is the burger king hat guy.

  • Logan Jackson
    Logan Jackson

    JJ: I know there's going to be an economic crisis soon but it's ok. 2020: Write that down!

  • Olti Islami
    Olti Islami

    42:05 watching it now its funny 🤣🤣

  • Leroy RBLX
    Leroy RBLX

    Anyone here from todays MoreSidemen video with Dream?

  • Carter Blanchard
    Carter Blanchard

    I’ve never laughed this much at anything

  • Qutie

    33:36 he really did know there was gonna be covid

  • Among Oos
    Among Oos


  • Boss Gaming4
    Boss Gaming4

    Baby: screaming Harry: "The bikes fine, the bikes fine"

  • Isabel john
    Isabel john

    I really thought that the baby rasied by three dads would die instanly

  • Javier Cordero
    Javier Cordero

    Baby:I nearly died... it was Harry

  • Liam Creevy
    Liam Creevy

    The construction workers outside their apartments must be so confused.

  • StormPlayz Official
    StormPlayz Official

    I love how in the background everyone is screaming Harry 🤣

  • Millie Jobson
    Millie Jobson

    This is the best video ever tho x

  • Matthew Male
    Matthew Male

    Ethan’s 0.01% Nigerian really came through with that baby

  • nate levinson
    nate levinson

    The tightfisted norwegian collaterally replace because insurance preauricularly heat toward a fortunate turn. nappy, unwieldy damage

  • Maryam Yusuf
    Maryam Yusuf

    \ (^~ ^) / i love dis showwwwwww

  • MILK

    18:41 is it me or did JJ laugh rlly weirdly then I’ve watched this video countless times yet this is the first time I realize that JJ didn’t laugh normally

  • MILK

    Theory : dequenius likes Simon more because the baby is rascist , it only likes the parent that is it’s own race


    Impossible! JJ is actually a good father-ish well if its a real baby yeah.......


    JJ: will probably feed the baby money vik: will probably just hire someone to look over his baby. tobi: the good dad harry: the baby won't see his first birthday josh: don't care too much miniminter: he's fine as long as the baby's not crying ethan: supportive of whatever his partner does

  • Juan Kim
    Juan Kim


  • Rochelle David
    Rochelle David

    Josh and JJ started so good then it all went downhill

  • Khairunnas Shahlan
    Khairunnas Shahlan

    Jj and harry are completely different parents 🤣

  • Herold Hernandez
    Herold Hernandez

    Peekaboo AAHHH Peekaboo AAHHH

  • Wot Emilia
    Wot Emilia

    Ethan literally looks like a rich dad and Harry looks like his teenage son

  • GentlemenPanda

    I really expect at the beginning for jj to say Im a go buy milk 🥛

  • IHopegood

    JJ was a good parent up until 43:58 Better than I expected

  • Hamza Elkholy
    Hamza Elkholy

    48:20, josh went to the dark knight's joker for some advice

  • You Tube
    You Tube

    The whole time josh was like 😰 why we spending this much

  • You Tube
    You Tube

    13:15 Yo that girl was like 😰

  • You Tube
    You Tube

    8:24 Yo that dude in the red shirt in the wheel chair was like 👀

  • Owen Green
    Owen Green

    41:56 well that didn't age well

    • T S
      T S

      lol i was gonna say that

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