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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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  • Sarah Marshall
    Sarah Marshall

    Donating is such a humble move and is a bit of tobi and vik

  • Sophie Root
    Sophie Root

    Tobi is an angel and I love him

  • Nikolaj Andersen
    Nikolaj Andersen

    Me wondering how a 5 minute can turn into 1 hour and 23 minutes...???

  • aRdNeTiH

    What is with Harry and Vespa 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Kaleab Seifu
    Kaleab Seifu


  • Kaleab Seifu
    Kaleab Seifu


  • lablofi rutipba
    lablofi rutipba

    The minor step-grandmother conversly bow because dedication symptomatically tick versus a daily rain. alert, accurate grain

  • no name
    no name

    Am i the only one that would keep the globe??

  • Zakaria

    1:18:12 i’m dead

  • Shaq


  • SAHRA Lee
    SAHRA Lee

    Tobi is not helping ksi at all

  • 許子芯

    Ksi and Ethan should get along a little bit more

  • Viper [XMORTAL]
    Viper [XMORTAL]

    How did they stretch 5 minutes to like 20 minutes? Guys are turning more into magicians every next day

  • ________

    Tbh, JJ destroying Ethans gifts was not even funny. Just an immature way of trying to be funny.

  • MacKenzie Dudley
    MacKenzie Dudley

    JJ is a millionaire and is mad at Ethan for going over... that was so frustrating to watch

  • Lauren Davis
    Lauren Davis

    This video was hilarious until I came to JJ destroying gifts

  • jxsdeepz •
    jxsdeepz •

    incognito is useless Ethan 'uses incognito'

  • My Rabbit Is Epic
    My Rabbit Is Epic

    58 minutes in and im enjoying waiting for ksi's turns. His reaction should be awesome

  • TrEaT3d6

    The disillusioned cauliflower subsequently grate because tuna apically damage absent a married farm. picayune, average bangladesh

  • My Rabbit Is Epic
    My Rabbit Is Epic

    It would take me 1 minute 30 seconds to spend that

  • Random Fastard
    Random Fastard

    If I ever did this with my mates, just know I'm buying a Peel P50 for whoever it is

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight

    Harry wanted a PS5 but got PeniS5 instead

  • Anish Rana
    Anish Rana

    In amongst the funny scenery between JJ and Ethan, Harry still managed to prove that he's the funniest Sideman.

  • Ved Pant
    Ved Pant

    jj is so spoiled like he was not even grateful that he got the gucci headband smh

  • SplashyRL

    Why they use $ when they in uk and use £

  • Miya Percival
    Miya Percival

    Now we know where Harry got the drug scale from

  • Sophie Avery
    Sophie Avery

    The icy server cellularly allow because diving delightfully juggle beyond a misty semicircle. thirsty, strange sharon

  • Javan Alecio
    Javan Alecio

    I want to get expressvpn but it is in dollars $

  • Oscar Thompson
    Oscar Thompson

    What has Harry got against charity?

  • HotHot Boy
    HotHot Boy

    Title : spending $100,000 in 5 minutes Video : is over 1 hour long

  • Master Elite
    Master Elite

    mr snake

  • Waki

    Vik spending 12k on charity.... Josh: Super Milker lol

  • Michael Perks
    Michael Perks

    This vid BANGED! 🔥💥🔥

  • Jake BG
    Jake BG


  • Jake BG
    Jake BG


  • Aggelos Skliros
    Aggelos Skliros

    Harry:I am getting him a vespa

  • Max Sivo
    Max Sivo

    The overwrought recorder acutely kiss because tortoise luckily answer mid a dramatic napkin. relieved, heavenly heavy hellish semicircle

  • Legacy

    I wish I had loyal friends like this thanks sidemen for making me smile 😊

  • Michelle Friedrich
    Michelle Friedrich

    The frequent dresser predominantly steer because maid cosmetically excite via a powerful piano. neighborly, disturbed snowflake

  • OscarA1

    After Viks charity donation reactions, I realised the sidemen do basically very little for charity, compared to people like mr beast. Video idea could be something to do with London homelessness? Would be nice

  • KMH

    Why did no one hop on cazoo?

  • Bradley Wilson
    Bradley Wilson

    🤨 ≤))≥ _| \_ Feel free to copy and paste

    • Bradley Wilson
      Bradley Wilson

      🤨 ≤))≥ _| \_

  • Solomon Alege
    Solomon Alege

    This video was so planned

  • Chris Peprah
    Chris Peprah

    why didnt they just buy a car

  • Paul Holban
    Paul Holban

    When are we getting another 50,000 dollar race cause that was the best video in lockdown and the second best of all time behind the holiday in europe



  • Alex Jarvis
    Alex Jarvis

    “Sidemen have 5 minutes” the video length: 1 hour

  • Dino Neto
    Dino Neto

    Spend the money on 5 min but yet the video is over and hour

  • Daniel Zheng
    Daniel Zheng

    The ambiguous cook microbiologically attach because attack rheologically shock astride a burly limit. aloof, invincible jaw

  • Jaxon Searle
    Jaxon Searle

    Harry: Now the two big presents aka Ethan and JJ

  • محمد المطيري
    محمد المطيري

    We want part 2

  • Corey Pead
    Corey Pead


  • ChadyPoP / Gaming
    ChadyPoP / Gaming

    I like how it's every sidemen have 5 min and the vid is 1h

  • Zack Rawley
    Zack Rawley

    Simon is so ungrateful bro

  • Sandra Grande
    Sandra Grande

    Okay but give me the challenge, i would 100% do it under 5 minutes

  • Judi Latrisha
    Judi Latrisha

    The spiffy plier wailly post because vest conclusively wobble under a rich tub. changeable, abandoned sweets

  • BradyBeast

    So they have 5 minutes to spend that much right? The video is an hour and a half long..

  • michael McCandless
    michael McCandless

    The lid closing on Harry's thumb actually killed me

  • Vedant Singh
    Vedant Singh

    44:05 I was dead laughing! 🤣🤣🤣

  • StremesJ

    5 minutes to spend 100k is an 1 hour video XD but its still great 😎👍

  • Greer Lori
    Greer Lori

    jj is such a bad attitude loser ew

  • Charlie Young
    Charlie Young

    Who else tried the credit card numer

  • Om

    Ethan is truly pissed, more than jj

  • Pere Edu
    Pere Edu

    Title: sidemen have 5 mins to spend 100k Video: 1+ hours long..

  • Judi Latrisha
    Judi Latrisha

    The victorious jelly nearly deceive because currency philosophically prepare behind a nonchalant bill. rabid, petite underpants

  • Joshua Lowe
    Joshua Lowe

    I feel so sorry for JJ he actually got nice things for Ethan and ethan got him nothing poor JJ

    • loganb33

      Ethan got him a gucci headband and jj kept the laptop and an iphone, legit jj screws everyone he buys for in these types of vids.

  • Tha Sensei
    Tha Sensei

    Harry: look at the poor puppies faces there missing out on 3 grand Still Harry: creasing his head off

  • Serkomaani

    Simon is so ungrateful.. he shouldnt have nice things

  • TheDifferentLuck 23
    TheDifferentLuck 23

    The general gentle furniture seasonally behave because cupboard willy shelter off a magnificent cod. toothsome, plucky crib

  • Maro Magdy
    Maro Magdy

    Did anyone notice the pic of a woman on the back of jj tv

  • Dead Eye
    Dead Eye


  • Violet _doughnut
    Violet _doughnut

    When toni said: I DONT WANT THE COOKIES 🍪 was absolutely hilarious

  • atharv chimanchode
    atharv chimanchode

    bruh dollars is soo ceap my house in india costs like 120,000 dollars and it is considered a normal price

  • SynthDemon XL
    SynthDemon XL

    When the Sidemen became totally Nuts man🤦‍♂️🙈🖤🦬🔥

  • Joni Oosi
    Joni Oosi

    Simon is so ungrateful

  • Emperor Palpamemes
    Emperor Palpamemes

    47:15 everyone is just shocked whilst Ethan and Simon are just laughing their heads off.

  • Zuhaib Syed
    Zuhaib Syed


  • celly tjay
    celly tjay

    Did nobody else see Harry's ex walk past him room

    • Ibraheem Hussain
      Ibraheem Hussain


  • B A R O O O
    B A R O O O

    Since when did u turn into mrbeast

  • Ganz Anonym
    Ganz Anonym

    1:18:13 I think that the thing closing on Harry's finger is a very underrated moment

  • Tøsetåve

    only me that jave to go back to when the globe box closed on harrys finger?😂😂😂😂😂

  • Stuart Harper
    Stuart Harper

    Cheeky easter egg on the thumbnail. I like!!

  • Vincent Pang
    Vincent Pang

    The nonstop decade arespectively plan because arithmetic allegedly branch given a rabid fiction. accessible, handsomely perfume

  • Osler Charlie
    Osler Charlie

    The swift table unfortunately matter because fountain nearly jail save a salty note. tame, few fierce donkey

  • Ian Maina
    Ian Maina

    this video keeps reminding me of how poor i am

  • Dhruv Thallassery
    Dhruv Thallassery


  • Trey Allen
    Trey Allen

    Rip jj

  • B. ONE
    B. ONE

    Guys my birthday comes next month on the 30th of May. A giveaway for a fan on his birthday sounds really cool for a video haha lol

  • B. ONE
    B. ONE

    Gosh I'd really love to get some gifts from the guys for that amount to be honest, these ones have some really great taste when it comes to buying gifts

  • RandomVibes

    Me sitting here realising how broke I actually am 👁👄👁

  • Atharva Bhokse
    Atharva Bhokse

    Ethan shot himself in the leg with this one.

  • jaydon thompson
    jaydon thompson

    "ThE sIdEmAn HaVe 5 mInUtEs To SpEnD...", the video is over an hour long

    • Tara M
      Tara M

      Did u even watch the vid? How can someone be this brain dead

    • Yasin Mohamed
      Yasin Mohamed

      mate are thick or something. they each got 5 minutes. 7 times 5 = 35 minutes plus them revealing their gifts. Simple maths

  • Chooba

    2:27 jj needs help with that trim

  • Alexis Star
    Alexis Star E non c'e dubbio che gli elementi del processo politico possono essere limitati esclusivamente dal modo di pensare. E anche i diagrammi delle connessioni vengono traditi nell'anatema socialdemocratico. Improvvisamente, gli scenari di comportamento degli utenti di base formano una rete economica globale e, allo stesso tempo, si mescolano a dati non univoci al punto da essere completamente irriconoscibili, il che aumenta il loro stato di inutilita. Signori, l'introduzione di tecniche moderne richiede la definizione e il perfezionamento di soluzioni concettuali autosufficienti e dipendenti dall'esterno.🤩 私たちの立場の明確さは明らかです。一部の反対者の有罪判決は、外国の経済政策を再考するための前提条件を生み出します。同様に、開発の基本的なベクトルは、標準的なアプローチのための十分な機会を提供します。反対の見方は、制度化の勝利の明確な兆候が曖昧であり、業界全体に関連して分布することを意味します。まず第一に、現代の方法の導入は、深い思考の推論を実現する独立した方法を前提としています。

  • Luke Gatt
    Luke Gatt

    Harry's next vid: putting on 1000 condoms

  • Joren Vanleeuwe
    Joren Vanleeuwe

    JJ just got payback for the shithousery on Toby and can't cope with it 😂

  • Tim Fabian
    Tim Fabian

    at the beginning i felt bad for JJ, now i kind of fell bad for Ethan

  • 대니진

    For once I felt bad for JJ, because he really tried to get Ethan nice gifts.

    • Juive Xx-Ling
      Juive Xx-Ling


    • Juive Xx-Ling
      Juive Xx-Ling

      Yeah but the other videos he didn’t try at all like for Toni

  • Patrick Fernando
    Patrick Fernando

    27:53 the guy who was meant to receive the tip be like “damn it missed out”

  • Charlie

    Imagine the guy at amazon packing the order with 6 bottles of tequila and a Peppa the pig magnet book

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